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We've made conveyancing a seamless and convenient process for everyone involved

Lawlab was founded in 1899 and rebranded in 2004
Successful transactions have been handled by lawlab
Worth of transactions managed across Australia
Lawlab proudly supports regional communities with $30,000 annually

About us

Lawlab has a long history of successful operations, having evolved from a country practice founded in 1899. In 2000, the current directors Ian Perkins and Richard Bootle purchased the firm and rebranded as lawlab in 2005/2006.

As a highly rated national conveyancing provider lawlab’s purpose is to make life easier for property buyers and sellers by managing property deals smarter, more efficiently and with less administration.

Lawlab’s service delivery team has delivered over 40,000 conveyances with a value of over $15 billion.

Why Choose us?

The Lawlab team has a vast experience in the property and conveyancing industry and to guide you through the process of purchasing, selling or transferring the ownership of your property.

Lawlab’s conveyancing process becomes faster thanks to our collaboration platform Rundl. Rundl enables us to coordinate all parties, including solicitors, lenders, real estate agents and brokers and settle faster.

Lawlab handles all types of property conveyancing including the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, off the plan apartments SMSF purchases and house and land packages.

It doesn’t matter where you are based or where you are buying, we provide a national streamlined conveyancing service and have a team of legal professionals with experience that covers all of Australia.

Lawlab believe conveyancing should be a stress free and convenient process for everyone involved, and with this in mind we have created a new streamlined approach to conveyancing.