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What Victorian home buyers need to know about their property contract

Once you’ve found your ideal home, the next step is usually to do some due diligence about the property and check the contract. In Victoria, the seller is required to disclose a lot of information about the property and this means property contracts and vendor statements can be overwhelming. Yo...

Get your property ready for a staging

Real estate agents swear by it, but what exactly is staging? Staging is the practice of strategically arranging furnishings and decor to make a house look its best while selling. You want to make it easier for potential buyers to visualise the property as theirs. You can use a professional ...

New Year, New Home?

Is this the year for a new home? The idea of a new home can be very exciting but there’s a lot to consider and plan for. Here are 10 steps to shed some light on what to expect in your new home journey. Step one: Set up a checklist Fi...

Last barriers to electronic conveyancing are falling away

The conveyancing industry has been going through a digital transformation in the last few years to streamline the process and make it more consumer friendly. But until recently there were still barriers to an end to end electronic conveyancing experience in New South Wales and Queensland. NSW Electronic signature laws ...

New home? Don't forget to do these things when moving in

Nothing feels better than finally feeling at home in your new place. Once the legal conveyancing process is finished and the removalists are booked, there is still some work to do before you can settle in. Here are some of our tips for a successful move in. Deep clean the ...

What is so digital about digital conveyancing?

Thanks to mobile phones and wireless internet, you can access almost anything from the palm of your hand. However until very recently the property conveyancing process has hardly changed in a hundred years. Now you can buy and sell a property and complete the conveyancing process from the comfort of ...

Energy saving tips

Whether you’re moving in to a new home, or changing the one you are currently in, we would all love to see our energy consumption go down. Some of us do it to save some money, others to become ‘greener’. But actually, you may be doing both! Here are some t...

Beware of dodgy conveyancers

Who will you trust to do your conveyancing when you buy or sell your home, one of the biggest transactions in your life? Hiring a dodgy conveyancer who promises cheap conveyancing could be the most expensive mistake you make. Some home buyers and sellers have even been victims of theft ...

8 common mistakes home buyers make

Hours of daydreaming over the years have shaped the perfect image of what your house should look like. But be prepared.. Our Conveyancing Manager Jodi gives advice on what not to do during the house hunt so you don't end up with a nightmare of a house!

NSW stamp duty reform

Stamp duty for a property is always a bit of a pill to swallow. Especially for first home buyers when you never heard of stamp duty before. Luckily there are some bright plans for the future! But what does it all mean? Our Legal Advisor Simon Allington-Lodge gives the scoop!

Cooling off periods

Buying a home can be emotional and stressful. Sometimes buyers make the wrong decision in the heat of the moment or their circumstances change after signing a contract to purchase a home. If a buyer changes their mind and wants to cancel a contract for a residential property, they may ...

Babyproofing your home

Not long after my baby started crawling my excitement quickly turned to panic as he turned into a tiny investigator that had to grab everything. It is then I realised how many everyday household items pose a risk to a baby. So I looked around my home and the following ...

Buying a property? How much will it cost?

Buying a home, especially for the first time, can leave you counting your costs! Make sure you understand what costs are involved in your purchase to ensure you are not left short or over budget.
So, what costs other than the purchase price do you need to budget for?

Foreign Resident Capital Gains Tax Withholding Scheme – changes to the conveyancing process from 1 July 2017?

Last month, the Commonwealth Government introduced significant changes to the current scheme, so that from 1 July 2017 the scheme will apply to the sale of all real estate over the lower market threshold of $750,000. Further purchasers will be required to withhold an increased amount of 12.5% of the purchase price and remit that to the ATO unless the seller provides a clearance certificate.

Big changes to stamp duty and grants in Victoria

First home buyers will pay no stamp duty on properties valued below $600,000 that they intend to use as their principal place of residence. As an example, first time buyers could save as much as $15,535 in stamp duty on a property valued up to $600,000.

When the empty nesters provide a nest egg

When you get to an age where you don’t want roommates anymore, hang a picture anywhere you please and have your money go towards your own investment – not someone else’s – you start thinking about buying your own home.

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Proposed reforms to underquoting laws in Victoria

A recent survey of REIV members found more than 70 per cent of agents indicated underquoting laws require change. Consumer Affairs Minister, Jane Garrett, has proposed significant reforms to the Estate Agents Act 1980 (‘EAA’) to address this sentiment and tackle rogue operators within the industry.

Educational Blog Series: Tips for a stress-free conveyancing process

To conclude our three part educational blog series on conveyancing, lawlab legal director Richie Muir explains tips for a stress free conveyancing experience. Regardless of whether you’ve sold the family home, found a new dream apartment or just negotiated a great price on a new interstate investment property – there is a...

Educational Blog Series: Four questions you should ask your conveyancing lawyer

Welcome to part two of our three part educational blog series by lawlab Legal Director Richie Muir who explained last week the fundamentals of conveyancing. This week Richie looks at five questions you should ask your conveyancing lawyer, and will next week offer tips for a stress free conveyancing process. ...

A new VOI regime started in Victoria

A new VOI regime started in Victoria on 9 November 2015. This regime aligns all conveyancing transactions in Victoria with the VOI requirements for e-settlements. This means that all lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions must take reasonable steps to verify the identity of their clients and customers. Reasonable steps includes a face to ...

A Guide for Selling a Residential Property in Victoria

When you’ve made the decision to sell you want the process to be as easy as possible. You want to avoid lengthy delays, unexpected costs and uncertainty. Seek advice from us at lawlab before you sign any contract. In Victoria, a contract must be accompanied by a vendor statement, wh...

A Guide for Selling a Residential Property in New South Wales

When you’ve made the decision to sell you want the process to be as easy as possible. You want to avoid lengthy delays, unexpected costs and uncertainty. Seek advice from us at lawlab before you sign any contract. A sale contract must be prepared before you can advertise your re...

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5 Essential Characteristics of Good Conveyancers

If you are engaged in a transaction that involves real property in Australia, it pays to have a good conveyancer on hand. The right person will help to make the process as smooth, streamlined and headache-free as possible. The wrong person however can make an already complicated process even worse.

Why conveyancing firms need a digital strategy

Buying or selling a property is never an easy task; after all it involves numerous activities and legal tasks that not every individual is aware of. A potential seller will always desire to get great deal for his house while the potential buyer would be looking out for nothing but a lucrative property deal to invest into and both of these parties are in dire need of a specialist that commands an expertise on handling such deals.

Guide to Online Marketing for Conveyancing Firms in 2015

In the age of technological advancement in web media conveyancing firms are somewhat lagging behind when it comes to adopting digital marketing for the promotion their services. Herein are some approaches that conveyancers should look to in order to widen the scope of prospective clients.