Case study

Gain Financial

Business overview

Gain Financial is a mortgage and credit advisor that seeks to find the best possible solution for financing requirements for anything from your property to your investment portfolio.

Shayne Betreen is the Founder of Gain Financial and a mortgage and credit adviser with the company. As a Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Approved Broker, Shayne has managed four other mortgage brokers in a franchise setting since 2010. For Gain Financial, client satisfaction is at the centre of every deal, and Shayne was eager to partner with service providers who shared the same values.

“For me, it s not about getting referrals for Gain Financial, it s about looking after our clients and ensuring they are kept up to date and satisfied throughout the life of a transaction.”

Lawlab was the first conveyancer to really impress Shayne, who had struggled in the past to find a responsive, fast acting conveyancer.

“Lawlab was efficient, taking action, following up and communicating with us, eliminating the need for us to prompt them. They also put the client s needs first, so our relationships were well cared for.”

Success with lawlab

The paper trail

Property transaction communications are typically conducted over email with the broker, buyer's agent, real estate agent, conveyancer and banker cc'd on every email. According to Shayne, this meant that emails were often lost or forgotten about altogether.

“It was really difficult to follow the email trail – with so many parties involved in every email, figuring out who had replied to what and when became a gruelling task and emails were easily missed.”

Aside from a team of property lawyers, lawlab also partners with a collaboration platform, Rundl. Rundl is an open business network for the communities that form around customer journeys, which makes it a great tool for brokers, lawyers, real estate agents, accountants and others professional service providers.

Ticking clock

In the past property transactions typically took place over a number of weeks, due in part to the lack of communication between service providers. Shayne lamented that it would sometimes take a week to hear from another professional, which held up the process and left Shayne and the client in the dark. Lawlab put a stop to this, keeping the lines of communication open 24/7.

"We'd often have to chase up the other professionals in the transaction just to get an update on their progress, and we d worked with people who would take up to a week to get back to us. With lawlab, the flow of a transaction is so much smoother, and it saved us a huge amount of time. Speed is a huge benefit of both lawlab and Rundl."

"Working with lawlab has been a really simple and professional experience, and with Rundl now in the mix, the decision to keep working with them as a partner is really easy."

Lawlab's top 3 features

Document sharing

The fact that you can upload/download documents and there's a conversation history you can follow has been critical to changing the way conveyancing is traditionally done.


Getting documents signed and through is so important in the process. Rundl really helps from a communications tools perspective – allowing for transparency and a timely turnaround of all relevant documents.

Responsive and efficient property lawyers

lawlab have the 'right' property lawyers who communicate 24/7, providing us with information and keeping us in the loop. Continuing this standard of resourcing will be instrumental as the company grows.

What clients are saying

“When there are as many moving parts in a project as there are in property deals, having Rundl to work with is perfect as it reduces emails and lessens our chances of missing something. It keeps the client and the professionals in the loop, which is really important to us.”

“The Rundl platform is really easy to use for both us at Gain Financial and our clients. You could be anywhere from five to 80 years old and still not be phased by the technology, which is important when you have such a range of clients.”

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