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Big changes to stamp duty and grants in Victoria

What has changed, when do the changes take effect and why have the changed been made? One of our legal specialists tells you everything you need to know about recent stamp duty changes.

All Real Estate Transactions Will Soon Be Completed Electronically

iBuyNew, an online property marketplace, has joined forces with national conveyancing service lawlab to help progress technology it has developed. This new technology will allow homebuyers to secure property online without engaging in face-to-face meetings.

When the empty nesters provide a nest egg

When you get to an age where you don’t want roommates anymore, hang a picture anywhere you please and have your money go towards your own investment – not someone else’s – you start thinking about buying your own home.

Property 101: Acceptance of digital signatures – the final piece of the digital conveyancing puzzle

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The rise of the SMSF investor

Over the past 10 years to 2014, residential real estate investing in Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) has increased from 0.5% of SMSF assets to 3.53%, an analysis of Australian Taxation Office figures by SuperGuide shows.

Dual key properties

Investors are jumping on the dual key bandwagon because the yields can be very attractive. But what are the legal risks and how can these be managed?