New home? Don't forget to do these things when moving in

12 December 2018

Nothing feels better than finally feeling at home in your new place. Once the legal conveyancing process is finished and the removalists are booked, there is still some work to do before you can settle in. Here are some of our tips for a successful move in.

01. Deep clean the house

When you walk into your newly purchased home, it will probably be the emptiest it will be for a long time. So, giving the home a thorough clean will not be any easier than at this time. Suggestions: Steam clean the carpet, polish hardwood floors, give the cupboards and cabinets a scrub before placing contents in them.

02. Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Most of the smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors in newly built properties are hardwired into the electrical system. But particularly in older properties, some still work on batteries, or have back up batteries. No matter which kind, it is always a good idea to test them out. Blow out a match underneath the detectors to make sure they are working. Just don’t be started by the sound!

03. Change the locks and make spare keys

You never know who the previous owners gave their keys to and who has made a copy. It’s stronly reocmmended to start off with a fresh set of keys for peace of mind. If you need to give access to exteneded family of friends whilst you’re away, or in case you lose your keys, consider getting a little lock box with a code to mount somewhere discreetly on the outside of the house with a spare key.

04. Empty rooms are easier to paint

It seems unnecessary to say, but empty rooms are indeed easier to paint. If you are thinking of a fresh lick of paint, you might as well do it straight away before furnishing the room.

05. Cater the kids needs first

When you move in to your new home, your first priority should be making the kids rooms as comfortable and as familiar as possible in the new home. It might even be a good idea to arrange furniture in a similar way as it was in your previous home. Make the bed with their favourite bed sheets, lay out some of their favourite toys. Basically, make the whole experience as pleasant as possible to reduce stress.

06. Create an escape plan with the family

Fire can spread rapidly through your home, leaving you with as little as one or two minutes to escape safely once the smoke alarm sounds. Pull together everyone in your household and make a plan. Walk through your home and inspect all possible exits and escape routes and agree on a meeting place like the front garden. During a house fire, smoke makes vision nearly impossible, so consider practicing with a blindfold as well.

07. Don’t just stack, organise instead

The garage and shed - these places are doomed to be stuffed with Christmas lights, boxes with old stuff we don’t throw out, old toys and garden tools. Why not invest in some shelving, storage containers and tags, and categorise boxes and items.. You’ll thank yourself later when you actually need to find something.

08. Clean the filters

While you are at it, don't forget to clean the filters in the air conditioners, exhaust fans and the range hood. They may not have been cleaned or replaced in years!

09. Locate your fuse box and water shutoff

Imagine, one of the pipes has burst and water is gushing in your house... but you have no idea where the main water shutoff is located. Or, you are scratching the back of your head in the dark because you are clueless where the fuse box might be. Not really ideal situations. Make sure all the adults in the household knows where to find the main water shutoff and fuse box. On that note, agree on a designated area for the flashlight!

10. Organise home & contents insurance

Make sure you are covered from the moment the propety is at your risk (this might be from the day after youi signed the contract or from the settlement date depending on the state you’re in). . We recommend that you don’t cancel the insurance on your previous home until the move is complete.

We here at lawlab wish you the best in your new home! And if it turns out not to be the home of your dreams or your circumstances change, we are happy to help you in the process of selling it and buying another one.

Disclaimer This information is general in nature only and does not constitute legal advice. Lawlab accepts no liability for the content of this information. You should obtain legal advice specific to your individual circumstances. Lawlab’s liability is limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.
James Browning
James Browning

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