5 value-adding renovations you can complete this weekend

04 September 2019

If you’re looking to sell soon, you might be interested in how you can add value to your home without having to spend weeks on a renovation. Fortunately, there’s a range of renovations that you can do on your own in one weekend. If you tackle these one weekend at a time, your home is bound to look better in no time.

Not only are these budget-friendly, these can help to add thousands or more to the value of your home. Rather than just letting the market determine the value of your home, you can take matters into your own hands. These easy renovations will also help your home to stand out against competitors when selling.

1. Update your kitchen

The kitchen is by far one of the most important parts of a home. If you’re not looking to spend thousands on a complete kitchen renovation, you can look into updating cabinet doors and handles. You’ll likely be able to find a big selection at your local hardware store. After finding ones of the right size and aesthetic, it’ll just come down to unscrewing and replacing.

2. Bathroom refresh

Along with the kitchen, bathrooms will be a crucial factor for prospective buyers. With a bit of research, you can look into replacing shower doors, taps and storage on your own. However, this is one area where it might be worthwhile to invest in professional help. Giving your bathroom a thorough clean can also help to make your bathroom look brand new.

3. Fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to make the outside of your home or any room look better. It’s usually safest to go with a neutral palette to make sure that your home appeals to the widest range of people. Hiring a professional can also be worth the money in this case, especially if you haven’t had much experience in the past.

4. Redo your outdoor spaces

The front and back of your home shouldn’t be ignored. Curb appeal is especially important since this is the first thing buyers will see when they come to your home. You can replace your letterbox, add new lighting or invest in easy-to-maintain landscaping. The back of your home can benefit from new or restained outdoor furniture, decorative lighting and colourful plants.

5. Replacing curtains or blinds

If your curtains or blinds are looking old or tattered, replacing them can bring new life to a room. Sheer curtains can soften the lighting in your rooms and while still providing privacy. If you’re looking to spend a little more money, installing motorised blinds could make you a solid return on your investment.

Final words

When you’re looking to add value to your home, it’s important that you spend money on renovations that will actually be worthwhile for potential buyers. Adding features that people won’t need, want or like could end up costing you money rather than increasing how much your home can sell for!

Guest author: Ellen Orton is the Head of Business Operations at OpenAgent.com.au, an online agent comparison website helping Australians to sell, buy and own property.

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