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A guide for selling a residential property in Queensland

Planning on selling your property in Queensland? Our legal director gives advice on how to avoid lengthy delays, unexpected costs and uncertainty. Read on for more information on the conveyancing process and required contract disclosures.

Get your property ready for a staging

Staging is the practice of strategically arranging furnishings and decor to make a house look its best while selling. You want to make it easier for potential buyers to visualise the property as theirs …

New Year, New Home?

Is this the year for a new home? The idea of a new home can be very exciting but there’s a lot to consider and plan for. Here are 10 steps to shed some light on what to expect in your new home journey.

10 top tips to reduce your energy use

Whether you’re moving in to a new home, or changing the one you are in, we’d all love to see our energy consumption go down. Here’s our top 10 tips to help you save some money and live a little greener.

How to choose a conveyancer you can trust

Buying or selling your house can be one of the biggest transactions of your life. Make sure you have a trustworthy conveyancer on your side to avoid taking unnecessary risks.