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13 July 2017

Real Estate Investar found an investment property for a busy client and provided a complete property investment solution, which included a convenient single-view of the legal and finance service, all delivered to their phone.

Steven Nguyen from Fairfield in Sydney was a Real Estate Investar Premium Member looking to invest for the first time.

After attending a Real Estate Investar live webinar he signed up, and after working with advisers, a personalised investment strategy was formulated and the Real Estate Investar team set to work.

Within two months he had reviewed a series of deals that fitted his strategy and had selected a property in Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast. The Real Estate Investar team then brought in lawlab and Rundl to seamlessly handle the final process. Through Rundl, Steven had a convenient, single-view of the transaction.

The transaction was delivered by the three independent service providers; property investment specialist (Real Estate Investar), solicitor (lawlab) and mortgage broker (Smartmove) communicating all messages, documents and steps shared through one single feed in Rundl to Steven’s phone.

In a pre-digital property world, an investor had to not only find their own professionals but then had to project manage the entire transaction process. All professions involved in the process; the property investment specialist, the finance broker and the solicitor, operated in separate systems and worked in isolation leaving the client, the one with the least experience and, probably the least available time, to manage the process.

This lead to endless calls and emails, little transparency on the process, unexpected fees and time spent visiting different professionals in their offices to approve and sign documents. Increased stress all round.

That was before Rundl came along.

Steven said, “We want to thank everyone for working together. As first time investors, we found the Real Estate Investar process so insightful and helpful. The updates through Rundl from all parties made following the process less stressful. Being able to receive and post comments directly to everyone at the same time made it so easy. I really appreciated that!”

Clint Greaves , Real Estate Investar CEO said, “At Real Estate Investar we are committed to finding new and better ways to make investing easier. In this case lawlab, the broker and ourselves worked together for an expedient and stress-free solution for the client. Rundl puts the client at the front - where we believe they belong - they can see where the transaction is at 24/7 and are alerted when they are required to take action. Each party can see what needs to be done at every stage.“

Available as an online application, Rundl leads property buyers and sellers through the journey by bringing all the professionals together which removes delays and saves time.

Buyers and sellers can easily see where their transaction is at every step of the way including signing the property contracts online.

Real Estate Investar and lawlab give their clients access to their expert services with transparent communications delivered to a phone.

Ian Perkins from lawlab said, “The most common question asked by everyone in a property sale or purchase is “where are we up to?” This is typically done by sending emails around and leaving voice mails neither of which are very effective. Rundl gives everyone the view of who has done what, when and whats next so the consumer can follow everything on their phone.

“We created Rundl to ensure clients get the same type of easy to use digital experience in a business transaction as they do with their social networks.”


The Real Estate Investar Group Limited (ASX:REV) is a leading data driven provider of investment property analysis, tracking and transaction services to Australian and New Zealand property investors.
REV Group offers property investors a comprehensive suite of free online services to grow its member base and increase its knowledge of members as they engage with these services. It then monetises this base by providing them with memberships for advanced tools and services, selling investment grade property and through the sale of additional products and services.

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